Geovisualization Workshop 2013

Arun Ganesh, an IID alumni was asked to take up a geo-visualization workshop for the IID students. As part of the Geovizualization workshop, students learnt to make schematic maps, play with QGIS, contribute to the OSM project and learn to use tilemill and other cartographic resources.

Here are the Wikipedia contributions:

Schematic Map of Mangalore by Kenneth

Indian Waterway 3 by Bijoy

Tourist Map of Uttarakhand by Noopur

Andaman and Nicobar Language map by Rasagy

Hillstations of Maharashtra by Kinnari

Tourist Map of Mysore by Shweta

Schematic tourist map of Rajasthan by Surbhi

Mumbai Transportation Map by Aarushi

Bangalore Schematic map by Parag