Gyaan Adda #64  



Folk Art Hack by atma studios!

As beautifully diverse our country is, so is our traditions & one of the well-known traditions of India is the Indian arts and crafts.

Intricate details, emphasized features with the essence of long forgotten old stories. Every Indian artwork brings forward the authenticity of our diversity travelling through the veins of the each element present in the artwork.

There is a uniqueness in every element of artwork coming from various parts of India. One can easily differentiate between a Bengal Patua and a Madhubani just by observing the line quality of the painting.

Since years this magic of composition has been passed on through generation within its society which preserves the heritage and the objective of the society.

But now, anyone can stream in the Identity of our Culture along with their own personal identity.

10432135_745478402171408_2791356011869504209_n 10404530_745478172171431_5168795463446351882_n

This week, Gyann Adda invited Atma Studios for its 64th episode for a talk about the ‘traditional yet contemporary’ paintings of India.

This is what Atma Studios has recently ventured into and are presently experimenting with. For them, anyone can create a masterpiece, an official art qualification cannot qualify you in becoming an artist, but your passion and will can.

Similar to the heterogeneous mix of talent within the NID community, thier studio comprises of people from various backgrounds where even the younger generation takes an active part. They shared the same Idea with us.


S.C.D Balaji, representing Atma Studios, ignited our minds by transcending us to the world of Indian Art. We took a tour around the various elements of Indian art paintings from various regions of India. Picking out pin points from the Glory of the vast empire of the Indian Art and objectifying them into today’s contemporary realm.

Finally, he dedicated his time to conduct a 2 hour workshop where we were familiarized with the joy of creating a ‘traditional yet contemporary’ Indian artwork ourselves, Thanks to them, our perception of looking at artifacts and contemporary art pieces will never be the same again.




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