Temple Run!

For the past three weeks, the final batch of DDE was going through the module titled ‘Cultural Heritage and Understanding’. Aimed at documenting the rich and vibrant Indian heritage found in architectural sites in and around Bangalore through Photography, the module was led by Mr. Rishi Singhal, program coordinator, Photography Design, NID PG Campus, Gandhinagar as external faculty.

It was exciting times for the students as it was their first time with SLR cameras. The first week was packed with three trips to Tipu’s Summer Palace, Someshwara Temple and Kurudumale Temple, apart from the classroom sessions. Rishi enticed everyone with his work, knowledge of the subject and his incredibly contagious charm and wit.

The trips were meant to be testing grounds for the skills imparted in the classroom. It was quite a spectacle for the locals as eighteen odd people alighted from a bus, SLRs around their necks and dispersed themselves all over the place. Soon everyone would be wrangling with shutter speed, ISO, f-stops, focus and camera angles to capture the best shot even as they walked barefoot on thorny shrubbery (Ouch!). The result was a collection of some amazing photographs considering the rather short training period. Rishi agreed.

Here’s some of the students’ work!

(Picture courtesy Anupam)

someshwara temple_Anurag

(Picture courtesy Anurag)

(Picture courtesy Arpit)

DSC_0183edited copy

(Picture courtesy Arundhati)

(Picture courtesy Atul)

(Picture courtesy Bhaumik)


(Picture courtesy Gopichand)


(Picture courtesy Manasee)

Sri Mahaganpathi Temple, Kurudumale (Picture courtesy Marathon)


(Picture courtesy Nakul)

Inside Someshwara Temple

Someshwara Temple, Kolar (Picture courtesy Nambirajan)

(Photo courtesy Shilpa)


(Photo courtesy Suman)

Sri Mahaganpathi Temple, Kurudumale (Picture courtesy Tinjo)

(More work to be added soon! 🙂  << Gawd! That’s such an ugly emoticon! )

The following two weeks revolved around filtering data and boiling down to the particular aspect of heritage that students wished to put across through photographic data. Some chose to stick to the architectural heritage while others went ahead with areas of their interest like cuisine and intangible heritage.

The final output was an interesting mix of media. Ranging from panoramas and stop motion animations to interactive and experiential applications. Everybody had the freedom to tell their story in the form they thought best. The module brought forth various ways how digital media can be used to create interesting and engaging experiences while educating and informing users about the often overlooked aspects of the Indian heritage that reside in these architectural marvels.


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