The year gone by.


Here we are at the dawn of another year. It’s time we reminisced the year gone by. We’ve had our share of fun and disappointments. Fun, mostly. There were times we fought, times we shared a laugh at the dinner table and times we got some work done too. We became this huge family where people love each other, hate each other but stay. Stay together like an organism where everyone has a role to play, an important one too. We’ve shivered together in the Bangalore winds, splashed into mud puddles, danced ourselves to death and spent quiet evenings around warm amber bonfires. We’ve been sensible, but mostly weird. We’ve sweated out on Garba nights and on the volleyball court and some just couldn’t let go of the table tennis bats. We’ve hated the food and loved it and made the evening snack our top priority. And we’ve wasted a lot of cake. We’ve worked hard and severely procrastinated. Done some amazing work, cut corners elsewhere. But we’ve learnt a lot and enjoyed every bit of it. Each and every bit of it. Here’s to the year gone by and the curious, wonderful one that lies ahead. Cheers!


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